Small Rock Chip Repair

The purpose of windshield repair is to preserve the stability of the glass by stopping when it begins splitting and cracking. When an auto glass repair is completed, the look of the broken area will be much improved. However, the damaged area never completely disappears.

Is your windshield broke, chipped or a little cracked? Unsure if it requires repair because the crack appears tiny and harmless? Well, not many car and truck owners are aware that even a small ding on the front windshield can quickly mushroom into a huge crack if not repaired in a timely way.

Rock Chip Repair Solution

four examples of repairable rock chipsOnce your windscreen gets damaged even a little, the fractures typically continue to get longer as time passes. By waiting too long, your entire windshield will have to be changed eventually. Depending on the vehicle, this could put a huge dent in your wallet. Not to mention the severe safety dangers such fractures may present to the occupants of the car or truck. A broken or cracked windshield may also impair the driver’s vision, leading to collisions and airbag deployments – never a good thing.

So, prior to a rock chip becoming an annoying problem, do the right thing and safeguard the structural integrity of your windshield. Having this simple service done makes sure the safety of your vehicle is maintained. It saves you time and money. It even saves the hassle of replacing your Fast Track decals. Everyone benefits from our quality rock chip repair services.

The First Choice Windshield Repair owner has been fixing rock chips for 20 years now. Please reach out to us before that little chip turns into a giant crack. With cost or replacement skyrocketing, repairing your windshield saves both time and money. Plus there is no need to replace any decals or transponders either.

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