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Main reason: cost of replacement. In some cases, a new windshield will run you north of a $1,000! This is especially true if your vehicle is equipped with lane departure or forward collision alert systems where the re-calibration of those cameras run a few hundred bucks IN ADDITION to the regular cost of replacement.
2nd reason: time. The whole rock chip repair process is completed in under an hour.
3rd reason: safety. The windscreen is never removed & the existing seal is maintained.

If the damage looks like any of the pictures just below and is no larger than a 50 cent piece, your damage is repairable 99 times out of 100.

four examples of repairable rock chips

If the windshield was struck by a golf ball or anything larger and the damage resembles any of the following pictures, then sorry. You need a new windshield.

damaged windshield that must be replaced, not repaireddamaged windshield with big rock stuck in itdamaged windshield with beer bottle stuck in it

The rock chip should be anywhere from 50-90% less visible. Factors affecting the clarity include how long the damage has existed, the type of damage and size of the damage. Cosmetic results will vary.

No. And that is a good thing for you. We have no hidden agenda of trying to sell you a replacement you don’t need (an all too common practice in the auto glass industry). And same goes for door, back, vent or quarter glass parts:  we don’t replace those either.

Your rock chip repair is guaranteed not to crack or spread for as long as you own your vehicle. The parties responsible for payment of the bill will be entitled to a refund upon request AND proof of failure. This warranty is given to the vehicle owner and is nontransferable.

Yes. The rock chip repair service is done at your home or workplace. And no, we don’t charge extra for this.

Sorry, but no. Please save yourself the time & gas by just picking up your phone. Service is by appointment only at your home or workplace.

Please scroll to the bottom of any page (including this one) on the site. You will find them there.

Please check out our fee schedule HERE.

Cash, checks (local only) and credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex & Discover). And, we now accept Venmo, too .

Short answer is no. Insurance company’s pay on a national average which amounts to approx. 33% less than the going rate for Orange County. It is also our understanding they have no problem with policyholder reimbursement, provided a valid invoice is provided. Which we do.

To possibly prevent being charged for a new windshield, repairing the damage is an option for you prior to turning in the vehicle. However, because these companies all have different rules and tolerances, we cannot guarantee it will pass the inspection. But, we have had great success saving our customers money when this problem arises.

Kind of the same deal with lease/rental returns, but the shipping company’s tend to be more lenient. We’ll repair the damage and provide you with a computer generated receipt to show the shipping company just in case they ask.

Short answer: probably not.
Long answer: The quality of the injectors and resins in these kits can range from average to terrible. Which by itself might not a deal breaker. Here’s the biggest obstacle: if the repair process you attempt is unsuccessful, neither us, nor any other windshield repair professional, can come in afterwards and fix the rock chip due to the impact point and a portion of the internal damage being plugged up with cured resin. Once it’s in there, it’s in there to stay. So, instead of saving $50 or so, now you’re buying a whole new windshield, some of which are over $1,000. So, the moral of the moral of the story regarding DIY kits is:
Caveat Emptor – Let The Buyer Beware.

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