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The windshield repair technique is not exactly brand new, but has not always been an option for the vehicle owner. Before its invention, one had to either live with the damage or replace the laminated glass even when the damage was really small. In either case, it’s bad for the car’s owner. With today’s resins and injectors being compact in size, completing a quality rock chip repair at the vehicles location (your home or workplace) is a snap. Combining the mobile service with the quality of material and tools now available make the decision to repair your stone damaged windshield pretty much a no-brainer.

Laguna Hills Mobile Windshield Repair Solution

The rock chip specialists at First Choice will travel to where your vehicle is located, up to a point. If you ask us about going to Big Bear Lake, you will be humorously informed that area is just a tad further than we like to travel. But if you happen to live or work in the triangular area formed by San Clemente, Tustin and Newport Beach (Laguna Hills is), we’ll be able help with your damaged windshield, often on the same day.. This will be done by either the Small Rock Chip Repair or the Long Crack Repair service.

Trained Laguna Hills Windshield Repair Technicians

dark green 4 door sedanRecently, First Choice Windshield Repair achieved a milestone of being open 10 years.  While this is obviously means more to us than you, it is important when you are deciding with which company to do business with. With the internet putting everyone on a level playing field, anyone could do just a minor amount of digging and find that our domain was purchased back in 2008. A companies time in business, coupled with what past customers say about them on the internet (reviews) are probably the most important parts of deciding where to have your windshield repaired. Can’t forget about the price of the service either. A strong combination of these 3 factors almost always provides the best option for the customer. We’re not perfect, but we’re darn good.

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Auto Glass & Windshield Repair Benefits

  • Safely restores the structural strength of the windshield.
  • Windshield’s original factory urethane seal is preserved.
  • Blocks moisture entry into the glass’ plastic laminate layer.
  • Reduces the sun’s glare from the windshield’s damaged area.
  • Glass surfaces is smoothed out for best windshield wiper use.
  • Clarity of damaged area is almost completely restored.
  • A repair will save you up to 95% the cost of a new windshield.

Mobile Services Offered

Auto Windshield Repair Laguna Hills, CA
Windshield Repair Laguna Hills, CA
Auto Glass Repair Laguna Hills, CA
Truck Glass Repair Laguna Hills, CA
Rock Chip Repair Laguna Hills, CA
Truck Windshield Repair Laguna Hills, CA
Windshield Crack Repair Laguna Hills, CA

Common Questions And Answers

Q. Can a foot long crack in windshield be repaired?
A. A windshield crack that measures 14″ in length or shorter is repairable, while a rock chip is easy to repair if it’s an inch or less (size of a quarter). A crack on the windshield that penetrates only the top layer of glass is repairable. If you feel the damage on the inside layer of the windshield, a replacement is mandatory.

Q. Can you repair a windshield crack over 6 inches?
A. So the short answer is yes. Current windshield repair standards classify short cracks as less than 6 inches and long cracks as between 6 to 14 inches.

Q. What size rock chips can be repaired?
A. Rock chip damage around an inch or smaller can usually be repaired, while some bigger size chips may be repairable as well. Anything as well big or with significant fractures possibly isn’t repairable.

Q. Is it a chip or a crack?
A. A chip is a basic term that refers to little damage on a windscreen, whereas a crack refers to a distinctive line flowing across the windshield.

Q. What household items can you use to fix a cracked windshield?
A. None. Call a professional. Save yourself the time and aggravation and potentially the cost of a replacement. Say no to clear nail polish, superglue, toothpaste, vinegar etc.

Q. How fast does a windshield crack spread?
A. It varies. A windshield crack may stay the same for months or years. Or it can expand a couple of feet in just minutes. It goes when it goes.

Q. Why do windshields crack so easily now?
A. Easy is kind of subjective. A windshield cracking without impact is known as a stress crack. Reasons vary from extreme fluctuations in temperature to improper installation.

Q. Do cracks in windshield get bigger?
A. If you have chips or cracks and it gets hot outside, the glass will possibly expand which can trigger the damage to get worse. This may trigger replacing the glass.

Q. Why do windshields crack so easily?
A. Temparature and Pressure. Windshields are made of glass and plastic. They can only withstand so much pressure. Too much pressure applied in any one area of the windshield’s surface can be enough to cause cracks to form.

Q. Does insurance cover windshield crack?
A. It depends on which state your live in, your insurance company AND the type of coverage you carry. If you wish to know, best bet is to contact your insurance provider.

Q. What are the dangers of a cracked windshield?
A. A small rock chip doesn’t pose any immediate danger. If the small chip expand into a large crack, it can become a huge safety hazard. It can impair drivers vision or distract their attention while vehicle is moving. More seriously, a windshield with a large crack may not support the roof during a rollover accident.

Q. How much does it cost to replace a windshield?
A. Here in California, you might pay $250 to $400 to replace a windshield on older (not classic) vehicles. For newer cars and trucks equipped with ADAS (lane departure, forward collision systems, etc) the amount can baloon into 4 figures. Price differences also occur due to a vehicle’s make, model, or year.

Q. Should I claim windshield replacement insurance?
A. It depends. While glass damage is covered under comprehensive car insurance, you will be subject your deductible. This can range from zero to $1000. Cost of replacement and desire to file a claim are just 2 factors to consider.

Driving Directions From Laguna Hills To First Choice Windshield Repair

Our office is located at 26040 Acero, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

  1. Head west toward Alicia Pkwy
  2. Turn right toward Alicia Pkwy
  3. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Alicia Pkwy
  4. Use the 2nd from the left lane to turn left onto Jeronimo Rd
  5. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Acero
  6. Turn right
  7. Turn right

Destination will be on the left.

Information About Laguna Hills

Laguna Hills is a city in Orange County, California, USA. Its name refers to its proximity to Laguna Canyon as well as the much older Laguna Beach. Various other more recent cities nearby – Laguna Niguel as well as Laguna Woods – are in a similar way named.

Laguna Hills is developed on among the significant land gives created throughout the rancho period. Adhering to Mexico’s freedom from Spain in 1821, those who had actually offered in the federal government or who had friends in authority, were provided substantial lands for cattle grazing. Rancho Lomas de Santiago, Rancho San Joaquin, and Rancho Niguel covered a lot of the western part of the Saddleback Valley. Don Juan Avila was given the 13,000-acre Rancho Niguel on which Laguna Hills lies.

In 1894, Lewis Moulton purchased Rancho Niguel from Avila and also boosted the original grant to 22,000 acres (89 km2). Moulton and his partner, Jean Piedra Daguerre, made use of the ranch to raise lamb as well as livestock. The Moulton Cattle ranch was ultimately partitioned in the early 1960s, and component of the division became today’s Laguna Hills.

Consolidation efforts began in 1987 and also on March 5, 1991, 86% of the citizens elected in favor of creating the City of Laguna Hills. On December 20, 1991, Laguna Hills formally ended up being a City. Succeeding annexations have consisted of the North Laguna Hills (1996) and also the “Westside Annexation” (2000) areas. The last included 149 acres of property land, consisting of the Aliso Viejo Neighborhood Organization’s Sheep Hills Park.

In 2004, Laguna Hills’ Municipal government was relocated to an existing office complex at 24035 El Toro Road, which was Purchased and restored by the city. The city also rents other commercial offices in the building, providing the city with a positive net income.

Is Laguna Hills expensive?

Laguna Hills is part of Anaheim-Santa Ana-Irvine Metro Div. According to C2ER (the Council for Community and Economic Research), the cost of living in here is estimated to be 148.5% of the national average making it one of the more expensive cities in the US.

Is Laguna Hills Safe?

Laguna Hills has an overall crime rate of 14 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in this city is 1 in 71.

What is Laguna Hills known for?

Laguna Hills, California – Community Guide. Located where the Interstate 5 freeway splits into the 405 (The El Toro ‘Y’), the city is home to some of Orange County’s best medical facilities, the Laguna Hills Mall and many fine restaurants.

When was Laguna Hills established?

March 5, 1991. The Moulton Ranch was eventually subdivided in the early 1960’s, part of which is recognized as Laguna Hills. Incorporation efforts began in 1987 and on March 5, 1991, the goal of incorporation was finally achieved with 86% of the residents voting in favor of officially forming the city.

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