Long Crack Repair

Most consumers are surprised to learn that a single line crack up to 12 inches can be repaired. Even if the damage extends to the edge of the glass as most long cracks do. People just have no idea this option exists. Many have been misinformed by unethical auto glass companies trying to sell them a windshield instead of being offered the repair option. Our unique long crack repair process will prevent the break from expanding, restore the stability of the windshield and is a long-term solution.

A long crack is usually repairable as long as it is just one single line, 12 inches in length or less. Windshield damage that includes multiple lines several inches long must be replaced. The crack does not have to be straight. It can bend gently in different directions, appear crooked and jagged and even be shaped in the form of the letter “L”. Usually the crack will originate from a small stone chip in the frit (black area) located near the edge of the windshield. This why many people don’t see the original chip until it has expanded.

How Long Crack Repair Works

long crack repair on windshieldOur windshield repair tools inject an acrylic resin under pressure. This causes the resin to fill the entire length of the crack. After this is completed, the damaged area is quickly cured with our LED ultra violet powered lamp. After your windshield crack is filled and cured, it will have a much more faint appearance, looking similar to a minor scratch. The entire procedure takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour to finish. The car is available to be driven immediately.

The owner of First Choice Windshield Repair has been repairing long cracks for 20 years now. So, contact us before the damage becomes too large to repair. Besides saving both time and money vs. a windshield replacement, you will also save all the decals and stickers that are sometimes a hassle to replace.

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